Collision Claim Management Portal for Body Shops

Recent and ongoing changes in the auto collision claim process such as remote appraisals based purely upon photos have made the claim process significantly more challenging and frustrating for body shops, using up more and more of your scarce and costly administrative resources.

Transparent Claim was developed to move control of claims from the insurance carriers into the hands of the body shop and make the entire collision claim process transparent for all parties involved.

Our Motto: If it's fair, expose it

We create connections to remove the bottlenecks in the repair process

Transparent Claim can with a click of your mouse link all parties to a Public Insurance Adjuster Agency specializing in auto claims (with standing legal backup, if necessary) to quickly and authoritatively resolve any claim valuation issues that may arise which can bog down and even halt the collision repair process by supporting the wrongful totaling of safely repairable vehicles.

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